Gavill Gavill Hardware was founded in 1926. The founder, Richard Gavill, was born in the Rhineland, Germany. He is a craftsman who specializes in providing door and window installation services for nobles. Due to the quality problem of door and window hardware accessories, it is too difficult to install and maintain. Richard Gavill specializes in in-depth development and research on this problem.
       In 1958, Richard Gavill used up his savings to buy a closed factory in his hometown for the production of metal window fittings. The predecessor of German Gavill Gavill has gradually grown after decades of development. It has developed into one of the well-known enterprises in the window hardware industry. A variety of door and window system integration solutions have been launched successively to bring a comfortable living environment by enhancing the combination of space and art.
       In 2008, Gavi Hardware has developed into a global diversified group enterprise covering the industrial layout of precision casting metal parts, hardware building [ ] window system, metal raw material supply, global building materials supermarket operation management and so on. Gavill hardware pays great attention to specialization in every field of its operation, and has achieved remarkable results with advanced technology, sophisticated products and high-quality services. In 2012, Gavill Gavi Hardware established a R&D and design center in Italy, which will be full of modern design
The elements of the perfect application of home improvement hardware.
       Subject to the maturing and shrinking European market, Gavill is in urgent need of opening new markets. In 2018, Gavill's globalization development strategy was further expanded again, forming a branch in Asia - Gavill (China) Construction Hardware, and establishing a factory and operation center in Foshan, Guangdong.
       Relying on German high-end technology, Gavi Hardware is committed to the supporting production and service of high-end architectural hardware brands, focusing on the deep cultivation and expansion of high-end door and window hardware systems, architectural doors and windows, and aluminum profiles, integrating product development, manufacturing, technical application and service. The mature brand operation concept of Gavi Hardware Headquarters, combined with the solid team strength, makes Gavi's high-end door] window hardware system with unique technology and advantages in the industry, serving various types of high-standard [ ] window/curtain wall project applications, adhering to the company's consistent The core of the brand, the product strives for the characteristics of rigorous structure, meticulous craftsmanship, sturdiness and durability, and inherits the persistent pursuit of German craftsmanship to the greatest extent.
       So far, Gavil (China) Architectural Hardware has become a completely independent enterprise, inheriting German craftsmanship and Italian high-end design door and window hardware system enterprise.

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Relying on German high-end craftsmanship, we have been committed to supporting production and service of European high-end architectural hardware brands

  • Gavey headquarters:81 MEG street, Landau, Rhineland pfartz
  • Tel: 17828015192
  • official website:ww.gavill.com
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