Where is the "expensive" of system doors and windows?

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With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, we have clear requirements for the quality and performance of residential buildings. More and more consumers pay attention to the energy-saving performance, safety performance, sound insulation and noise reduction, sun protection, comfort and durability of building doors and windows? What is the value of system doors and windows?
01. Definition of system doors and windows
The technical guidelines for doors and windows of building systems, which is presided over by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and edited by China Building Metal Structure Association, is defined as follows:
Through research and development, it can form the technology collection of high-quality and high-performance doors and windows products, including product design, production, installation, post maintenance, etc., among which the product design is door and window material and structure design. System doors and windows are made according to the technology provided by the door and window system. They are physical doors and windows.
Advantages of 02 system doors and windows
System door and window is an organic combination of a performance system. The industry compares the difference between system doors and windows and ordinary doors and windows as "brand computer" and "assembly computer".
System door and window company is different from ordinary door and window manufacturers. Starting from the whole door and window industry chain, system door and window company integrates all technologies, materials and equipment of doors and windows, provides a series of system solutions to downstream door and window processing enterprises, and ensures the quality of the whole window.
System doors and windows are not equal to simple high-performance windows. They are the organic combination of a performance system. The organic combination represents that the design and development of the system is mature and reliable, with low energy consumption, low repair rate and low cost in service life.
At the same time, we have a strong after-sales network and professional after-sales team to strengthen the brand advantages of system doors and windows.
Today, maitos door and window hardware editor mainly analyzes the factors influencing the price of system doors and windows from the following aspects:
The main factors affecting the price of aluminum doors and windows are: profiles, glass, hardware (referred to as "three major materials")
1. Profile analysis
1.1 better choice of alloy grades
It is understood that the aluminum alloy grade 6060-t66 is selected for foreign system doors and windows. Compared with 6063 alloy, this brand of alloy is about 40% higher in tensile strength and yield strength. In other words, 6060 has higher strength and can withstand higher external load.
What's the difference between T6 and t66?
T6 and t66 indicate the processing state of the alloy, T6 refers to the artificial aging state after solution heat treatment, and t66 refers to the state strengthened by special process on the basis of T6 state.
6060-t66 is widely used in medical devices with stable performance and less deformation.
In general, the comprehensive mechanical properties of 6060-t66 are much better than that of 6063-T5, and of course, the price must be relatively high.
As the framework of doors and windows, the unique brand and processing method of aluminum materials not only bring higher strength, but also ensure the stability and service life of doors and windows.
1.2 profile surface treatment
At present, the common surface treatment methods of aluminum profiles are powder spraying, fluorocarbon spraying, anodizing and electrophoresis. The coating thickness of system door and window profiles is 30% higher than that of ordinary doors and windows. A small amount of cost increases here, but it can make the surface of system doors and windows more beautiful and have a longer life.
1.3 dimensional tolerance requirements
The splicing requirement of system door and window profiles is higher than that of ordinary doors and windows, which requires that the accuracy of profile manufacturers in the production of profiles must reach the ultra-high precision level of national standards. This has very high requirements for extrusion equipment and die, as well as the later maintenance is also very important, these are invisible costs.
1.4 corner assembly technology
The door and window of the system will be injected with two groups of group angle glue when the corner is assembled, and the end face joint is coated with the end face glue to better improve the connection strength of the profile. Aoying system is equipped with customized cast aluminum support plates at all corner joints as standard to further increase the connection strength.
2. Glass analysis
Glass plays an important role in energy saving. For example, the K value of the whole window is largely determined by the K value of the glass. Whether it is a closed system window or an unclosed system window, the glass of domestic glass manufacturers can meet the requirements, which is a small difference with ordinary windows. Of course, the performance requirements of system doors and windows are much higher than that of ordinary doors and windows, which also determines the selection of glass types (double glass, three glass or multi glass, Low-E glass, warm edge partition, etc.)
3. Hardware analysis
Hardware accessories are the components that connect the window frame and the window sash closely. It is not too much to say that the stability of the hardware system determines the performance of the system window. Hardware accessories as an important part of the system window, its cost accounts for more than 20% of the system window cost.
For closed system door and window manufacturers, their hardware accessories are designed and developed by themselves and matched with them. Therefore, the closed system door and window manufacturer is selected, and the matching hardware accessories are also determined. For semi closed system doors and windows, the selection of hardware accessories is relatively large. Generally, domestic system window manufacturers cooperate with first-line international brand hardware suppliers to meet the requirements of the system Requirements for overall quality of windows.
3.1 import and domestic
Under the same opening mode, the price of hardware of international brands is at least twice as high as that of domestic brands. For example, a set of domestic internal opening and internal reversing parts is about 150 yuan, and that of international brands G-U and roto is at least 300 yuan. With the development of technology, there are many kinds of hardware accessories, the cost of a set of tens of yuan to a set of thousands of yuan, the cost of discrete type is very large.
3.2. The selection of hardware system depends on the weight of window sash


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