It's winter, so we should pay more attention to the hardware of doors and windows!

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Winter is coming. We can't wait to close all the doors and windows in our house.
The painful thing in the world is that it is rainy and rainy in winter, and the hinge of the home door is rusty. Every time you close the door, you have to endure harsh torture.
What's more painful in the world is that you shiver in the quilt and the bolt is broken. The north wind whirred and the doors and windows rattled, making people uneasy all night.
The most painful thing in the world is that when you turn on the heating in the north, you find that the sliding brace is stuck, the window is not closed tightly, and the heating is all gone.
When it's coldest, the doors and windows will fall off the chain, and the hardware of doors and windows is not selected well!
As we all know, hardware accessories are the heart of doors and windows. The full play of wind pressure resistance, air tightness, water tightness, thermal insulation and sound insulation of doors and windows are closely related to hardware accessories.
Hardware lock points and lock seats are distributed around the entire door and window. When the door and window are locked, the lock point and lock seat are firmly buckled together to cooperate with the hinge or sliding brace to produce a strong sealing and pressing force, which makes the sealing strip deform under stress, thus providing sufficient sealing performance for doors and windows, making the leaves and frames form a whole, which can greatly improve the performance of doors and windows.
At the same time, doors and windows are lightweight components, and their energy consumption accounts for more than half of the building energy consumption, which is the most important part of building energy saving. In the design, the energy-saving problem of doors and windows should be fully considered, that is, thermal insulation and thermal insulation. If there is no multi-point lock hardware accessories, no matter how good the doors and windows are, its thermal insulation and thermal insulation performance will not be ideal.
The anti-theft performance of doors and windows is also a key issue. The anti-theft performance of hardware accessories, especially in the development of intelligent anti-theft door and window components, the anti-theft performance of hardware accessories plays an important role.


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