Door and window hardware accessories purchase method?

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Doors and windows are made of several materials, such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel and color steel. The hardware fittings of doors and windows of different materials will be different. GAVILL hardware small braid will let you know how to choose and buy door and window hardware accessories.
Purchase method of door and window hardware accessories
Sealing strip: due to the combination of the door and the door panel, the noise of closing the door is as high as 120 dB, which seriously affects the physical and mental health. High strength sealing strip is adopted, which does not react with the paint to ensure the smoothness of the contact paint surface. Moreover, it has the characteristics of shock absorption, noise reduction, sealing, sound insulation and moisture-proof.
Hinge: used for flat door and window. Consumers can observe the hinge materials when purchasing, including copper, iron copper plating, stainless steel, aluminum alloy extrusion materials, etc. do not choose zinc alloy casting hinge.
Hinge: it is required to have the characteristics of high strength, strong bearing capacity, convenient disassembly, flexible opening and closing, and silencing.
Sliding brace: a device to support the opening, closing and positioning of casement. It is better for consumers to choose stainless steel material when purchasing. The surface should not have defects such as scratches, sharp edges and burr. When the sliding support is opened and closed, there is a little resistance.
Pulley: it bears the weight of each sliding door and window and moves horizontally. Consumers should pay attention to the material of pulley frame and whether the pulley adopts needle roller bearing or ball bearing when purchasing. The pulley used for sliding door should use heavy-duty door pulley instead of sliding window pulley.
Handle: for casement windows. The main function is to press the window sash on the window frame after the casement is closed to achieve the sealing effect. Consumers should pay attention to observe that the surface is flat, no burr, feel the weight of the hand, and the coating surface is even.
Half moon lock: most of them are hook locks between fans. Consumers should choose stainless steel or aluminum alloy production is better.
The lock with good flexibility should be selected. When purchasing, the key can be inserted and pulled out several times to see whether smooth or not, and whether the switch is turned to save energy.
Choose the kind of decorative hardware accessories with good appearance performance. When purchasing, it is mainly to see whether there are defects in the appearance, how the electroplating luster is, whether the handle is smooth, etc.
The hinge, slide rail and lock with good sealing performance shall be selected. When choosing, open and close, pull several times to feel its flexibility and convenience.
Cabinet door hinge can be divided into two types: detachable type and non detachable type. After the cabinet door is closed, the cover position is divided into three types: large bend, middle bend and straight bend, and the middle bend is the main one. In addition to visual inspection and hand feeling, the hinge surface is smooth and smooth, attention should be paid to the good reset performance of the hinge spring. The hinge can be opened 95 degrees, and the two sides of the hinge can be pressed by hand to observe that the supporting spring does not deform or break, and the product with very strong quality is qualified.
The drawer guide rail is divided into two sections of rail and three sections of rail. When selecting, the brightness of paint and electroplating, the clearance and strength of load-bearing wheel determine the flexibility and noise of drawer opening and closing. The load-bearing wheel with wear resistance and uniform rotation should be selected.


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