How to choose door and window hardware? 80% of people ignore it!

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Doors and windows, as the eyes of architecture, are an important part of the building. They not only provide rich decorative effects for the building facade, but also play an important role in controlling building energy consumption. And hardware accessories, is compared to the heart of doors and windows! It can be said: the service life of doors and windows is determined by hardware. Have you all chosen the right one? Please follow gaville hardware editor to learn about the following:
1. In addition to meeting the physical and mechanical properties of doors and windows, what conditions should be met?
(1) Easy to operate, single point control: through changing the position of handle to realize various opening functions;
(2) Standardization and serialization, so that door and window enterprises and construction companies can quickly install;
(3) Adjustability;
(4) Strong bearing capacity;
(5) High safety;
(6) It is widely used;
(7) Strong applicability (high quality specification).
2. How to choose and design hardware accessories for doors and windows?
(1) When selecting hardware accessories, try to choose products with guaranteed quality. The quality grade of hardware accessories should be consistent with the quality grade of doors and windows. The structure and shape of hardware accessories should be consistent with the profile. The color should be harmonious and beautiful, the function is correct, the operation is flexible and the installation is convenient.
(2) The installation of hardware accessories should be complete, standard, reliable and accurate. After installation, the doors and windows shall have beautiful appearance, flexible and convenient opening, without deformation, obstruction and collision.
(3) Stainless steel products shall be preferred for exposed fasteners of hardware fittings.
(4) Multi lock points should be adopted when the flat opening doors and windows and large size sliding doors and windows are closed, otherwise the air tightness will be greatly reduced under the effect of negative pressure difference. Considering the convenient operation, it is better to use multi lock point handle or driver.
3. How wide is the sash of casement window?
What are the disadvantages of installing too large a window sash? Some owners like large window sashes and think that the ventilation effect is good. In fact, the ventilation effect of larger and smaller windows is not much different. What are the disadvantages of excessive window sashes? One is that the window sash is too heavy, which increases the load of sliding brace, hinge, hinge and other accessories, increases the friction force, shortens the service life of accessories, and increases the resistance of opening and closing. Secondly, the stroke of the handle lock is increased when the window is opened and closed, which requires more arms to extend, which will increase the difficulty of opening and closing and increase the risk.
Generally, the width of the window sash is 60-65cm. Some owners want to be 75 cm wide, which is a little too large.
4. What is the height of the door and window handle?
The position of the lock on the flat window is best explained when placing the order, so that the parameters can be adjusted in design and processing, after all, it is customized according to the specific circumstances of the owner. How high is the position of the handle lock? Male owners who are 1.8 meters tall like to install them higher. When designing, they should know more about the height of female owners. If the height is between 1.5 and 1.6 meters, it will be shorter to wear slippers at home. If the lock is high, it is inconvenient for female owners to open and close the windows, especially when the sash is opened to a large angle, it is not only laborious but also dangerous. But too low is not suitable for male owners.
In general, the height of the handle lock off the ground should be near the shoulder position of the female owner, usually about 1.4 M. if the female owner is relatively tall, it should be increased.
5. Poor quality sliding brace will be loose after using for a period of time, which will cause the window sash to fall off and cause potential safety hazard. What is the material requirement of high quality sliding brace?
The sliding brace must be rustproof, because rust will affect the smoothness of sliding, and reduce the mechanical properties of the sliding brace, which will lead to fracture. In order to have good corrosion resistance, it is necessary to select high grade 300 series stainless steel materials, such as 304 stainless steel. This kind of stainless steel has high corrosion resistance, high strength and toughness, while the low grade stainless steel such as 201 and 202 with 2-prefix has lower corrosion resistance than 300 series although its price is low. Moreover, 304 stainless steel has high wear resistance.
In addition, the thickness of the sliding brace also affects the bearing capacity. When the window sash is heavy, it is better to select the sliding brace with the thickness of more than 2.5.
6. Why does the hinge show grease after a period of time?
After a period of operation of the hinge, the viscosity of the grease added in the hinge decreases and it is easier to flow out; at the same time, the shaft core and reel of the hinge will have different degrees of wear, and when the wear is serious, more black iron powder will be produced to dye the grease black. Therefore, the hinge with grease, depending on the use of oil and processing accuracy, or sooner or later there is transparent or black grease outflow, varying degrees of impact on the appearance.
7. Often say door and window hardware, what "Five" gold?
① Building door lock: the lock installed on the door leaf and door frame of the building to be opened and closed. It is generally composed of lock body (including lock tongue, door and window hardware, control mechanism and brake mechanism), lock panel, handle, cover plate, etc. The lock tongue can be divided into oblique tongue, square tongue, double tongue, bead touching tongue and hook shaped tongue. The lock panel can be divided into flat mouth, left tongue, right tongue and round mouth. The handle can be divided into round ball shape, bent handle shape and pull ring shape. Building door locks can be divided into door locks, room locks, bathroom locks, wind proof channel locks and toilet locks according to the use occasions; according to the insurance performance, they can be divided into single insurance, double insurance and three insurance locks; according to the structural characteristics, they can be divided into external locks, plug-in locks and spherical locks.
② Handle: used to open and close metal window sashes. It is generally installed in the middle of the edge of the window sash, and some of them are designed to be connected with the hardware of the door and window with the bolt. many


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